Emily's Group


All members need to respect and abide by the following terms:

  • Be clear and concise in your questions and also in your responses to questions.
  • Please use correct spellings of places, companies and people.
  • Please write in full sentences and avoid text message abbreviation or slang.
  • Do not type in CAPS.
  • Read other members responses before you write your own to make sure you avoid repetition.
  • Make sure when you are giving recommendations or advice that you give useful information in a concise way. If there is a specific contact or number then list it.
  • If you receive responses that have been useful please acknowledge them. This encourages members to post suggestions and makes them feel appreciated.
  • If you are recommending a business to another member and it is a business owned by a friend/partner or family member then please be transparent and mention the connection from the outset.

We are a diverse, educated and open minded group. Please make sure your online dialogue with other members reflects this.

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